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BitCongress allows anyone to write the laws of the world using a simple app. This means anyone can now write a law, post this law to the platform for anyone to see & vote on. Votes are logged into the Bitcoin Blockchain forever, so no vote hacking can ever occur. BitCongress will give legislation privileges to the people, letting citizens bypass representative government officials not listening to their constituency fully. Laws can be created online, on the blockchain & can only be modified using consensus & voting. BitCongress can be used by anyone, all you need is a finger and a brain to sign up. Start creating the rules that you have to follow every day.

BitCongress makes writing a law very easy, just follow our step by step process that writes the law according to your inputs & words.

BitCongress is a combination of old world congressional concepts, machine learning, blockchain technology and most importantly Bitcoin, the underlying backbone of BitCongress. A governance system built on online for anyone to become their own representative. Be responsible for your world & use BitCongress.

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